Wagner Magnete Special magnet for Laser moulding

Wagner laser welding magnetic fixtureLaser tailor welding is a kind of laser welding. Laser tailor welding refers to welding two or more plates together by lase...

Time:2022-04-16 00:42:32

In magnetizable (ferromagnetic) materials extremely weak magnetic fi elds are available, also called molecular magnets. Without the infl uence of an external magnet fi eld these molecular magnets are arranged at random. When applying an external magnetic fi eld...

Time:2022-02-08 10:23:23

The Hybrid-Clamping-Chuck, type 1210H a joint product of company Röhm and Wagner company, combines the best of the two companies. Consisting of 3 or 6 clamping chucks and one electro-permanent magnet clamping chuck the device efficiently and flexibly complies with today´s requirements for quick and economic clamping devices....

Time:2022-02-08 10:23:02