Wagner Magnete Special magnet for Laser moulding

2022-04-16 00:42:32

Wagner Magnete Special magnet for Laser moulding

Tailored laser welding is a type of laser welding. Tailored laser welding refers to welding two or more sheets together by laser welding, and then stamping them.


Tailored laser welding was developed with the lightening of the automotive industry. It is mainly for supporting the automotive industry, especially in the production, manufacturing and design of body parts, the use of tailored laser welding has huge advantages.


Wagner Magnete is a leading manufacturer of magnetic clamping systems and has been working intensively in this technical field for many years by providing special magnetic clamping devices. The short and narrow pole pitch, combined with the polarity switching of 11 mm in both longitudinal and lateral distances, enables the entire clamping surface to have an equal adhesive force. The narrow north and south poles allow the magnetic field lines to be mainly concentrated in the clamped sheet metal, so that the sheet metal with a thickness of more than 1 mm does not need to use additional steel plates to enhance the adhesive force, so it saves the time for setting. Electromagnetic clamping plates with a width of approx. 100 mm are arranged in two rows under the butt welding position with a very small spacing. These magnetic plates are available in lengths between 100 and 3000 mm.

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