2022-02-08 10:23:02

The Hybrid-Clamping-Chuck, type 1210H a joint product of company Röhm and Wagner company, combines the best of the two companies. Consisting of 3 or 6 clamping chucks and one electro-permanent magnet clamping chuck the device efficiently and flexibly complies with today´s requirements for quick and economic clamping devices.


Bearing rings and other easily deformable, ring shaped parts are safely centered and clamped in a matter of seconds. The magnetic holding force can easily be adjusted in 16 steps to prevent deformations of the part. The clampings can be removed after the centering to enable 3-side machining。



• individually adjustable thanks to the modular design

• Set-up times reduced by up to 80% thanks to accurate clamping in seconds

• machine down times reduced to a minimum

• 3-side machining for turned parts and workpieces

• 16 individually adjustable holding force levels

• uniform and distortion-free clamping force

• combined magnet and center chucks clamping force possible

• high process reliability for effi cient series production

• rapid return on investment

• available in diameter sizes from 200 to 5000 mm


Holding force control:

If necessary, the adhesive force can be controlled via pole reversal control unit using a coding switch. This prevents deforming of uneven workpieces.



• T-slots in the pole plate for screwing on pole shoes or stops

• Threaded holes in the pole plate for fastening pole strips or add-on pole plates

• Pluggable socket on the outer surface

• Power transmission via fl at or fl anged slip rings

• Mechanical centering function on the outer surface or power-operated in the centre



• Protection class IP 67 (except electrical connection)

• Magnet operating time: 100 %


Electrical connection via:

Electronic type 754, 755 and 756 polereversal control units.

These devices, designed especially for controlling clamping magnets, function to facilitate the power supply and

simultaneously as demagnetisation devices. A microprocessor controls and monitors all functions and offers optimal switching comfort with numerous control and monitoring functions. The adhesive force is adjustable in up to 16 stages. In addition, these pole-reversal control units also allow additional configuration of parameters and optimised settings. All device types offer particularly impressive shifting dynamics. For individual details, please see brochures 754, 755 and 756.


Hybrid-Clamping-Chuck Type 1210H

The perfect combination of magnetic and mechanic clamping forces